Forever Yours

Record Tracklist

  1. Forever Yours -:-- / 06:13
For Dorianne


A stor mo chroi I give you all the love I have and more
If I could wish to be forever anything
I’d be forever yours

Some may wish for riches like a mountain made of gold
or perhaps they long for wisdom strength or fame
But when I see your brown eyes looking back at me I know
I have more than a million wishful dreams

I think back on the days before your sun rose in my life
and I wonder how I ever found my way
Your smile your touch and your laughter have become for me
my center in an ever-changing world

There are those who spend their whole lives waiting
looking for the chance
to love someone the way that we do
So every day I thank the stars that I asked you to dance
and that you were meant for me and me for you