Monday Morning

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  1. Monday Morning -:-- / 04:13
A great song, written by Andy Stewart of Silly Wizard fame. I first heard this at a very late Sunday night session in Waterford City years ago. Appropriate, no?


Monday morning why do you haunt me
with your bells and factory whistles all around
Monday morning why do you taunt me
and I so tired I could sleep here on the ground

Monday morning 6 AM the clock rings off the wall
an’ I’m standin’ tae attention in ma bare feet in the hall
Wi’ un leg doon ma trousers I can find nae socks at all
but I’m a coiled spring o’ industry respondin’ tae your call

Give me something different please I ask them at The Broo
On the board o’ some big company where I’ve no a thing tae do
Let me try insider trading I’d be equal tae the task
for I’m slowly being murdered by the piece bag and the flask

The bloke behind the counter says you must be off your head
and he swore he’d call the police if I did nae leave with speed
It was then I saw the notice pinned behind him on the wall
that said make ‘em thank their lucky stars they’ve any job at all

So you can come up here to Scotland and you can pay us what you like
for we’re meek sir, very simple and we’re no allowed to strike
And we all wear wee cloth bonnets and we all say ‘help me Bob’
and we’ll all bend down and kiss your doup and thank ye for the job