Winner of the Games

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  1. Winner of the Games -:-- / 04:49
Another original by Tom Gillespie. Paired with the jig “Off Hadrian’s Wall” also penned by Tom.


He saw the lass and fell for her when he first came to the Fair
Though a handsome and a hearty lad how could he meet her there
There were many men among the crowd he was but one he knew
and only one would win her heart what was that lad to do

He was not sae strong as other men his purse not as well padded
For the lovely lass to look at him well something must be added
Great feats were few about the fair for men to make great names
The thought came then the thing to do was to join the Highland Games

For in the Highland Games you show what you can do
You’re one of the lads one of a very few
who will stand out all alone and give your very best
and the winners and the losers all stand proud above the rest

The first task was to toss the stane a great girthed chunk o’ granite
He hefted it and held his breath but he almost couldn’t stand wi’ it
At first he swayed and then he spun to heave the stane away
But the stane stayed still as he shot doon and skidded in the hay

And he went arse over kick wi’ his kilt above his head
He landed sae hard they all swore that he was dead
But he stood and shook his loof as he staggered on the ground
Well I gave it my best lads let’s go another round

He fetched the fork the sheaf to toss he felt he couldn’t fail
The heavy haft his hand did heft as he bent to lift the bail
He raised the rake readied his toss but the hay had made him itch
The fork flew east the sheaf fell west and he fetched up on the pitch

The lovely lassie all alone was watching a’ the while
Her fair eyes followed him doon the field then she stunned him with a smile
He stood up straight stroked his beard he looked a lissom lairde
But the final feat was before him now and that luckless lad was scared

For the caber lay long on the land its length looked a league at least
They stood it straight he stooped to it and stood back up with ease
But the caber swayed the crowd backed off as he trotted doon the track
He hopped and gave a hearty heave and hove right on his back

He lay there long just looking up She’d seen his sorry showing
She must have left wi’ another lad so he got up to get going
She was standing there he shook his head what was she doing here
She said you’re sure a good sport Jock would you buy a lass a beer

You sure went arse over kick wi’ your kilt above your head
Ye landed sae hard that I swore that ye were dead
And I stood and shook my head as you staggered to your feet
And I thought lassie now there’s a young lad that you should meet