Released in September of 2001, this is the band’s sophomore album recorded under the Bummer Tent records label. The album consists of new takes on traditional songs and tunes blended with fresh, original compositions.

“A great blend of vocals and instrumentals. Something on this one for every lover of Irish Music. Saw the band perform live at the Celtic Classic Festival and I am very glad to bring this band back to our listeners here in the Chicago area. I expect that we’ll be seeing more of this group in the very near future.” Shay Clark 90.9 FM WDCB

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  1. Monday Morning
  2. Brenda Stubbert’s / Fiddler’s Creek
  3. Fair Jeanie
  4. Sean Ryan’s Jig / Coppers and Brass
  5. Uisge Beatha
  6. Forever Yours
  7. Love and Freedom
  8. Colligan Spring
  9. Both Sides the Tweed
  10. Winner of the Games
  11. The Headlands March / MacArthur Road
  12. The Calypso Ceili Band
  13. Going Home
  14. Reel Beatrice / An Caipin Anairt
  15. John O’Dreams