Fair Jeanie

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Sailing from 1847 to 1858 carrying cargo and emigrants between Ireland and North America, the Jeanie Johnston has the distinction of never having lost a soul to illness or the sea.

We had the honor of performing for her crew and sponsors when the replica ship sailed to the US in 2003.


Fair Jeanie took to sea that day
two hundred on board as she set sail
all leaving ‘cause the crops had failed
knowing that they’d see their home no more
Bound across the northern swell
through rain and gale and raging sea
resigned to what their fate might be
they’d watch and wait for Canada’s eastern shore

For three pounds ten and the will to live
they’d leave their families and their dreams
to go someplace they’d never seen
to start again and build their lives anew
Oh they’d step on board down near old Tralee
down there by the docks and rocky strand
they’d place their lives into her hands
and know she’d never lost a soul at sea

Every spring Jeanie sailed away
bound for a place they called Grosse Isle
with Captain Attridge at the wheel
they’d slip past Brandon’s Creek at the break of day
When summer came she’d be back again
with a full weight of cargo on her keel
timber corn and yellow meal
and news from those who left the years before

Now she stands again in Fenit Quay
built by hand with love and pride
she rides again upon the tide
the Jeanie Johnston sails from port today
Fair Jeanie took to sea today
her three masts full sail to the breeze
she slipped her moors with grace and ease
she rides again in memory of darker days