Going Home

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  1. Going Home -:-- / 06:33

Standing there at Shannon in the early morning rain
the mist and the breeze in my face
An old familiar feeling is coming back again
from another time in this place
A time when we were young and we didn’t have a care
When Mom and Dad would pack us up for a summer over there
We’d spend our days up on Croughan or on the strand down at Clonea
or up the old tree by the gate or in the acre full of hay
And even though I’m older and it’s been years I’ve been away

I still know there’s a welcome waiting and a space beside the fire
There’ll be stories told and songs of old and laughter for a while
And I know no matter where I wander or where my spirit roams
I’ll always find a welcome there in my Dungarvan home.

As we make our way through Limerick and head on east to Cahir
The empty streets await the start of day
The scent of peat smoke lingers in the Tipperary air
And in my mind the memories start to play
A Christmas Mass at Mellary and the wren boys with a song
A football match in McCarthyville when the summer days were long
A pint down at The Anchor with the session in full play
Where you can see the lights of Abbeyside or watch the moon dance on the bay
I pass a quiet country churchyard and think of those who’ve passed away.

By the time we get to old Clonmel, the day’s picked up its pace
A schoolyard full of children hard at play
I see you asleep beside me and watch the sunlight on your face
And I think back to that warm September day
When we made this trip together as a new wed man and wife
And how I wanted you to love the place that had helped to shape my life
To walk the Commeragh mountains or sit by the Quay and watch the tide
Or hear a story and a song at my grandfather’s side
Though the years have passed and our lives have changed I’m still glad that you’re my bride

As we pass the Nire and Colligan we’ve just a few more miles
This journey of memories is nearly done
And in the rear-view mirror I catch a glimpse and have to smile
As I think about what awaits our little son
Picnics up at Mahon Falls and the boats off Helvick Head
Or a walk out to the faerie liss where the wee folk used to tread
See the lambs up on the mountain as they caper and they play
Or sit beside a roaring fire on a soft and windy day
Someday I’ll come back here for good and you know I’ll always say