Uisge Beatha

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Scots Gaelic for whisky, uisge beatha is literally translated as ‘Water of Life’ We’ve woven two tunes into this one as well, Turlough O’Carolan’s ‘Farewell to Whiskey’ and the American old-time favorite ‘Whiskey Before Breakfast’…catch the theme yet?


When the lads all go out to drink a bit o’ stout
and to get in a wee bit o’ leisure
I still go out for the craiq and the sake of times gone back
but I now seek different treasure
As they toss back the ale and drink it by the pail
and lose their wee bit o’ decorum
I sit at the bar have a sip and a cigar
for I drink in a different forum

Though I like to drink a beer and to me the ale is dear
and the stout is a mighty pleasure
They make you feel full then they pass right through
and you’re left an empty measure
Sometimes wine just sipped is fine
but mixed drinks are a bit risky
For all my salt you can’t beat the single malt
so make mine Scottish whisky

When we go out for the day to watch a bit o’ play
we always bring a wee bit o’ something
For it’s a sure bet it’ll be cold and wet
and a drink is mighty comforting
But the lads are loaded down and they stumble on the ground
with a whacking great load for their drinking
But for me one wee flask is enough to do the task
they’re all daft that’s what I’m thinking

At the weekly Sunday dinner you can’t go and be a sinner
there isn’t any beer or any stout
The lads all stand and talk with their mouths as dry as chalk
the pubs are closed it’s like a flipping drought
But me I’m fine and glad the food is not so bad
and the lasses are as bonny as can be
Well what they all don’t know because it doesn’t show
what’s in my cup is not exactly tea

Now to give the stout its due I like to drink it too
and it’s great to have your friends to share a sip
And the lads are learning too that it’s a pleasant thing to do
and they’ll join me in a little nip
So what it comes down to is that any drink will do
they can all make you feel a wee bit frisky
I can take which one I please and be just as much at ease
but I still prefer a dram of Scottish whisky