Sweet Thames

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  1. Sweet Thames -:-- / 03:57
This is a bittersweet song about a friendship that didn’t last very long. Written in 1968, by Ewan MacColl it is said the he was partially inspired by a line from the classic Disney movie “Mary Poppins”: “I shall stay until the wind changes.” If you see Fionna and Alison laughing at the middle of the third verse, ask them why.


I met my love at Woolwich Pier, beneath the big piers standing
And all the love I felt for her, it passed all understanding.
Took her sailing on the river, flow sweet river, flow
London town was mine to give her. Sweet Thames flow softly
Made the Thames into a crown, flow sweet river, flow
Made a brooch of Silver Town, Sweet Thames flow softlyFrom Putney Bridge to Nine Elms Reach, we cheek to cheek were dancing
Her necklace made of London Bridge, her beauty was enhancing.
Kissed her once again at Wapping, flow sweet river, flow
After that there was no stopping, Sweet Thames flow softly.
Gave her Hampton Court to twist, flow sweet river, flow
Into a bracelet for her wrist, Sweet Thames flow softly.But now alas the tide has changed, my love she has gone from me
And winter’s frost has touched my heart, And put a blight upon me
Creeping fog is on the river, flow sweet river, flow
Sun and moon and stars gone with her, Sweet Thames flow softly.
Swift the Thames runs to the sea, flow sweet river, flow
Bearing ships and part of me, Sweet Thames flow softly.